Saturday, 15 January 2011

Get over yourself.

photo credits to Miss Vo
For some reason some people have it in their head that if you're not their friend on Facebook, it means there is no friendship at all on the grounds of:

Am I not good enough for you to show to the world?

Purely on that fact they go in a paddy fit thinking that you think you're above them. No love, if you weren't good enough to be shown to the world I wouldn't be caught dead conversing with you. There's just no point having you readily available to snoop around all my crap all the time only for me to speak to you next and you know everything about me WOAH. Stalker much? I'm sure everyone knows more people out of Facebook, you don't need to be IN it to BE it. By not being on someones page it doesn't mean they don't care about / like you; there's just no reason for you to be a 'number' on their page when you don't even talk anyway.

Shut up and sit down.

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