Sunday, 30 January 2011

Three Elves

THIRD HAUL - damn they must love my money
Talk is cheap on this: just a second stock of the studio concealer and birthday suit stain
Studio : Lipstain Bombshell and Heartbreaker
Initial thoughts? Isn't heartbreaker a reddy colour? On top of that isn't bombshell peach? NOT WHAT I GOT! I suppose I can deal with some more nudeys... Pre-warning! Before you buy these they don't stain too well but the colours were gorgeous before so I wanted to try more.

I promised swatches of the first haul when I got them but I never got round to it but here are all four colours I have!
Top Left: Heartbreaker
Top Right: Bombshell
Bottom Left: First Date
Bottom Right: Birthday Suit
The bottom two are still my faves
Custom Lips - peaches
This is nice and creamy, not too pigmented, I haven't tried it on the lips yet but again it's less "reddy" than I thought it'd be..
yet another nudey
Lipstick in Seductive
I was hoping this would be a good dupe for my M.A.C Giddy as I can't find it in the uk :( - I got it from Korea...
Top : E.L.F
Bottom : M.A.C
they're pretty similar! One's more rosey that the other...
Studio : Cream Liner - Gun Metal
My friend tried this first in black and WOW it didn't budge! Whilst I still have my M.A.C blacktrack I went for gunmetal instead:
unfortunately this did smudge a bit (top) - hey it can be a good sign! (smokey eyes!)
Studio Kabuki Brush
After having my mineral kabuki being a dud, I opted for the studio range brush (YES. I LIKE ELF BRUSHES), no problems with this one!
Studio Mist & Fix
Haven't tried this yet; but I'm looking to compare it with the M.A.C fix+!


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