Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I'm pretty sure you don't care what this says

Social network sites have become the backbone, dare I say bane of life. These new options to share giving the ability to exploit even their smallest and thoughtless ramblings (just like this one here)
I'm having a cup of tea.
Digestion, whereabouts. This need to let the world know your every move, every tiny detail of your existence. I'm sure you don't need everyone to see where you've been, what's now in your stomach, what you're doing, what you brought... Some I must say are entertaining, yet others just seem so pointless, and attention seeking, frankly open to stalker like characters.
I'm going to sit on the toilet while you digest this.
I'm sure if your friends knew you well enough they know what you'd be eating / doing / going? The ability to share doesn't express the necessity to share.. surely you want to keep something to yourself? Your own personal identity? If everything's on a plate, why would anyone want to spend the time getting to know you? What's the fun in that...
I got a new spot.
now i bet that's something you wont see.

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